Workshop of 6 sessions in Haarlem

Workshop for Hypnofertility in Haarlem

Have you been longing for a baby, but been unable to have one? Have you been trying to conceive for what seems forever, but still haven’t had your baby? Have you suffered miscarriages or experienced failed IUIs or IVF? Has medical treatment been ubable to help you, or you want to conceive naturally? Have you been diagnosed with unexplained fertility?  A workshop for  Hypnofertility in Haarlem.

The infertility journey of many women can be long and difficult. I work as an acupunturist, especially for for fertility and I am very much commited to helping you with special effective hypnofertility sessions to become over your stress, struggle and realize your dream to get pregnant and live a healthy pregnancy. Becoming pregant and having a healthy pregnancy is so much more than the physiological process.


Hypnotherapy is a highly specific state of mind that needs a deliberate mental approach. Stress is the major culprit for women- struggling to have a baby.  Lower your stress, anxiety, hopelessness and depressions and increase your chances of getting pregnant. You will be receiving powerfull fertility support. In English or Dutch, the sessions are in a beautiful and peacefull setting at Bluebirds in Haarlem.



  • In small groups of 6, we will be working with the subconscous mind, the most powerfull achieving agent on the planet.. your baby is coming is in just the right time and just the right way..
  • These sessions help you to connect with and awake your inherent fertility.

Workshop of 6 sessions for support of Fertility (natural or IUI, IVF, ICSI traject) with HypnoFertility (special hypnosis for Fertility) in Yoga centrum Bluebirds Haarlem, Rozenstraat 5.  The sessions are on Thursday 23, 30 March and 6, 13, 20 and 27 April at 10.30-12.00 hours.


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